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Fen Ditton Primary School - Music (Aria and Overture)

The Perse fund tuition for pupils at Fen Ditton Primary from Cambridgeshire Music and pupils in the Upper Sixth at The Perse contribute to the programmes that are running.


Provision of music teaching for all students at Fen Ditton Primary.

The content of these sessions is very much subject to the facilities of the school. The deliveries also involve interactive games and movement-based activities, allowing pupils to express themselves and their ideas.

The sessions also give a great chance for students at The Perse to get feedback from qualified teachers on their performance in a school environment, and to receive top tips on a successful delivery.


Discussion of need with Headteacher at FDP.

This has run since 2019.


Teaching provision from Cambridgeshire Music is funded by The Perse School.


Pupils who would not otherwise have the chance to play on instruments such as brass are given the chance to do so.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils in Years 4-6 are receiving lessons from Cambridgeshire Music that are funded by The Perse School.


Ongoing - weekly programme during term-time.