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Microbits - Provision and Training

Thanks to generous sponsor, we are able to support a school partnership scheme in the field of computer science education. We offer to two primary schools, free of charge, a package of microbit equipment including some sensors, speakers, crocodile clips and USB cables. Usually we dedicate an afternoon to training up to 3 staff from the school which would take place at The Perse School.


Widen access to some basic computer science education, using hardware and related activities provided free of charge to the schools. 

The immediate beneficiaries are the pupils at the schools. Up to 2 schools a year can receive the microbits and training and they then keep the equipment and have ongoing access to the resources. An accompanying website hosts materials: Perse CompSci Outreach


Generous offer of sponsorship from a former pupil.

Our Computer Science Department created the programme. It has run since the 2018-19 academic year.


Microbit computers.

Training by Perse teaching staff for the staff who lead on this project at the primary schools.


Harston and Newton Primary, has provided positive feedback on the impact of the partnership. The children at the school have gained much confidence and great skills from the outreach project. 

Pupil Involvement

Upper Sixth students have created resources and led some sessions with pupils in primary schools. 


Ongoing - we work with 2 primary schools each year.