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Sele School - Inter School Partnership

Discussions between senior staff have identified some specific departmental links where Perse staff can mentor advise and take on the role of critical friends in Maths, Music, Sport and PE. In future we will look to arrange some in-person visits to build this relationship further.


The main aim is to ensure that staff who are adapting to curriculum changes and familiarising with new leadership positions can have a critical friend who can share their experience and identify potential future developments. 

For positive outcomes we need positive engagement from staff at both ends of this partnership.

The immediate beneficiaries will be staff and pupils at Sele School.


Discussion between senior staff identified a potential benefit where expertise could be shared.


Teaching staff in a number of departments are assisting their counterparts at Sele School as they plan and implement curriculum ideas.


Sharing of best practice is aimed at helping staff become more confident leaders and to make decisions that will help with pupil achievement and engagement. 

Pupil Involvement

Staff-only involvement at present but there is scope for this to develop.


Ongoing - half-termly communication between senior staff with more regular contact between subject staff.