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Multilingualism Concert

This project focused on music as a form of communication bring together languages and cultures in a final concert. It began with the composition of a multilingual piece entitled We are Children of the World, which features folk songs in seven different languages spoken in Oxford Schools: Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Swahili and Urdu. MCS Lower Sixth musicians then went into primary schools over the term to teach pupils this song, guided by the teaching packs created by MCS Director of Music Jon Cullen. The pupils were also taught movements to do during the song by the composer herself, generating much enthusiasm and excitement from the children involved. The project culminated in the Sheldonian Theatre as the 500 pupils finally came together to perform this amazing piece. 


An event in collaboration with Oxford University Languages Department intending to raise awareness of the rich diversity of languages spoken within the community. It also aimed to promote music as an art and to encourage performance and interest in music beyond the curriculum in a young age group.


This project came about as a collaberation between MCS and the MFL department at Oxford University and planning began in 2016.


Music, venues, staff and pupil time.


The impact of this project was measured through written feedback from schools and Sixth Form students and verbal feedback (recorded in film) from the primary school pupils.

Pupil Involvement

500 external primary school pupils aged 9 to 11 and Sixth Form students from MCS aged 17 to 18.


This event involved weekly sessions in local primary school for several months and then a one-day rehearsal and performance.