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Further Maths Support Network

Staff support external students in problem solving skills and exam revison in collaberation with MEI. Partners are Oxfordshire state schools' year 13 Further Maths pupils, who receive subject coaching to develop their skills, especially in problem solving. Oxfordshire State school year 13 Further Maths pupils receive help with revision in advance of exams. Staff also offer interview preperation support for Oxbridge applicants through this programme.


Oxfordshire State school Oxbridge applicants receive preparatory coaching / interview practice. Skills development for Oxfordshire State school year 13 Further Maths pupils. Exam preparation for Oxfordshire State school year 13 Further Maths pupils. 


MCS Head of Mathematics established the partnership in conjunction with the FMSP.


Uses MCS rooms, teaching staff time, catering, photocopying.


Students benefit from the extra preparation for exams and interviews - assessment is their success.

Pupil Involvement

External pupils aged 17-18.


12 coaching sessions per year; other activities once per year.