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County Cricket Festival

MCS hosts a cricket festival for county U15 boys' teams, as well as hosting home games for the Oxfordshire team during the Summer Term. An U10s tournement is also hosted during the Arts festival for 8 local cricket teams.


Supports development of cricket within Oxfordshire and wider counties, external students have access to MCS facilities and advice.


MCS Director of Sport, established the project.


 MCS Playing Field, Pavilion, Catering and Score box; teaching and non-teaching staff time.


The impact is assessed through informal feedback from the external students and their teachers.

Pupil Involvement

65 pupils aged14-15 involvedin the U15s festival, all boys. Around 90 pupils aged 8-10 involved in U10s tournements, all boys.


Two annual events - one is five days in length, the other is one all day event.