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Gifted and Talented Summer School

4-day course for children from local primary schools, with teaching by MCS staff and Sixth Form students extending the pupils' knowledge beyond the curriculum and exposing them to new areas of study. 


Provides specialist subject teaching for able, gifted and talented pupils from local state primary schools, extending them beyond the curriculum. Encourages pupils to work cooperatively with others from different schools and develop confidence both socially and academically. Sixth Form pupils given the opportunity to develop leadership and teaching skills. Second form pupils assist as buddies, helping to build confidence and self-esteem. Gives staff an insight into primary education and a better understanding of the transition process.


Established by Head of Outreach in 2009.


Library, classrooms, sciences labs, DT lab, catering, staff teaching time.


Assessed by feedback from pupils, parents and teachers of participating pupils.

Pupil Involvement

30 pupils benefitting, aged 9-10.


Takes place once per year.