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Y11 Outreach Support

3 Y11 students visited a local primary school to help at their after school wrap around care provision. They volunteered for an hour every Monday evening during term time, working with children aged 4 to 11, playing games, running sporting activities, helping with ICT and joining in their general care.


Trent College runs a broad community service programme for students in Y11, whereby they are placed wherever possible in venues external to the school, to support the local community and broaden their own perspectives on help they can give.


The project was identified by the Community Service Officer at Trent and the Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator, who works closely with local primary schools to offer outreach support when opportunities arise.


A member of non-teaching staff was used to transport the students to and from the primary school for each session.


Verbal feedback from the manager of the WRAP club at Firfield Primary School was that the students were very helpful and the primary school children enjoyed them being there to play games and have fun.

The students enjoyed the experience and felt it was worthwhile for their own personla development.

Pupil Involvement

3 Y11 students from Trent College worked with up to 40 primary school children each week, aged 4 to 11.


On-going project during term time.