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Coding and Computer Science Workshop

75 Y5 primary school children from Longmoor Primary School  and Grace Dieu Manor School visited to understand the where, what and how of coding and computer science. The children used our dedicated computer suite to participate in a hands-on and interactive session where they designed their own games app in coding. They then moved to Computer Science, where they worked in teams to take a computer apart and learn how it works through unravelling the constituent parts.


The aim of the project was to give external primary school children the opportunity to use our facilites and enhance their curriculum using resources that would not be available in their own school. 


The opportunity was identified by the Primary School Liasion Co-ordinator who, through talking to external primary school teachers and heads, identified the need and could match schools with our workshops.

We have worked with both schools since 2016. 


Trent College's computer suite and Computer Science classroom was used for one morning and one afternoon. Our Head of Computer Science ran the sessions on both days and we had an additional Maths and Computer Science teacher for the afternoon.

The children were all given refreshments during their visit with no cost involved.


Quotes from the day:

"The children loved finding out how to code and using all the computers in your custom-built computer suite." Y5 teacher, Longmoor Primary School

"The children though it was great and had a brilliant time. We would definitely like to come longer next year to spend more time designing the games app." Y5 teacher, Grace Dieu Manor School

"It was so much fun. I am going to try the games app at home and practice coding on my tablet." Year 5 child

Pupil Involvement

85 Year 5 pupils from external primary schools were involved.

3 Y12 Trent College pupils supported the coding workshop, helping anyone who needed assistance.


Annual event.