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Autumn Watch

80 Year 1 and Year 2 primary school children visited our campus to walk around and explore emerging signs of the autumn season.


To allow primary school children in the local community to use our facilities and grounds to inspire their love of learning, in exploring the first signs of the autumn season.


We have had a close relationship with the head teacher of English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy since September 2016. Our primary school liaison officer has visited the school to offer the use of our ground and facilities for any curiculum needs that may arise. She remains in close contact with the school and facilitates regular visits from different year groups where possible to enhance their learning opportunities.


The children were were welcomed by our primary school liaison co-ordinator and given refreshments on arrival. They were allowed free access of our grounds to walk around and carry out their autumn watch activities, looking for signs of the new season, collecting leaves and conkers, and carrying out leaf and bark rubbings.


The children can explore our beautiful grounds and learn about autumn and the changing environment around them in a safe and secure place. They can develop their observational skills, build a natural curiosity for nature and be inspired to explore the outdoors and all that it can offer.

Pupil Involvement

80 external primary school children visited (aged 5-7).


This is an annual event that happens every autumn.