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Celebration Story Evening

34 Year 5 and 6 pupils from 8 local primary schools joined us for a Celebration Story Evening at Trent College. The children were shortlisted as finalists in our 500-word short story writing competition, where they had all written their own short story around a celebration theme. The top 10 stories were read out during the evening by Trent drama scholars and Sophie Snell, professional storyteller, presented trophies to the top 3. The overall winner was awarded his age in readng books and a guided reading set for his school. The primary schools participating were Awsworth Primary School, Bramcote Hills Primary School, The Lanes Primary School, Firfield Primary School, Portway Junior School, Sawley Junior School, St Mary's Primary School and The Minster School.


The competition was designed to encourage young people in the local community to write creatively, using drama and suspense, for a purpose. We wanted to reward their efforts by imviting them to a fun story-telling evening, where they could hear from a professional story-teller as well as drama scholars reading out their own or their peer's stories. We hoped that the children left inspired to continue writing. 


The opportunity for the event was identified by the Head of Library Services and the Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator. Local primary schools that we have had a long-standing relationship with were invited to take part and submit their pupil's entries.


The key resource was the time to launch the competition in schools, collate the entries and shortlist the stories for review by the professional story teller. Two non-teaching members of staff were involved in the organisation, and a teaching member of staff shortlisted the stories.

The Devonshire Library was used for the evening of the event and the Head and members of the SLT were present. Refreshments were provided for parents and children and Trent employed the story teller, a sound technician and a professional photographer. There was no cost implication for the attendees.


Quotes from the evening:

“It was a great evening. The children were so excited to be short listed and come along tonight. It was great for them if they were in the top 10 and had their story read out.” Head teacher, The Lanes Primary School.

“My son was so pleased to be picked. He has loved coming tonight and I hope that he is now inspired to carry on writing!” Y5 parent.

Pupil Involvement

8 Y7 to Y13 drama scholars, who attended on the evening to read out the winning stories. (2 of which helped make a video to lauch the story competition back in January).

34 Year 5 and 6 external primary school children who were finalists for the story writing competition.


Annual event.