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Jonathan Stroud Author Event

Author, Jonathan Stroud visited Trent to talk to children in Years 6, 7 & 8 about his new book in The Lockwood Series, The Creeping Shadow and share his experiences as an author. We had over 200 external primary and secondary school children attend, including those from Firfield Primary School, Brooklands Primary School, Dovedale Primary School, Grange Primary School, Harrington Junior School, Wilsthorpe Community School and West Park School.


We host as many author talks as we can as they are great ways to encourage and inspire children to develop a love of reading. Children often leave with the excitement of having met a 'real-life' author, willing to read more widely and excited to write for themselves.


We are offered from time to time opportunities to bid for authors who have new books coming out, to be part of their celebration book tour. As part of the brief we are expected to have a multiple school audience and good book sales.


We use school facilities to host the event and have the support of teachers to facilitate Trent College's students to attend. The event is organised by the Head of Library Services and the Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator.


We obtain verbal feedback from the teachers and pupils of the visiting schools, and ask our own students their views in subsequent library lessons.

Pupil Involvement

We had 180 Year 7 & Year 8 pupils from Trent College and 190 Year's 6, 7 & 8 pupils from external primary and secondary schools.


We organise author events twice-yearly.