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German Student Exchange

Trent College Year 9 and 10 students join with students from a local state secondary school, Friesland School, to participate in a German Exchange programme with a secondary school based in Germany. The visiting students stay at host families while they are here and participate in combined activities co-ordinated by both schools here. A return trip to Germany is scheduled in May 2019 and will involve both schools and pupils working together.


The aim of the partnership is to make links with a local secondary school and to share resources/facilities to ensure that there are enough people and variety for the exchange to take place.

Trent College pupils benefit from mixing with new people, from both Friesland and Germany, and from learning to work together and to host a visiting student to make sure they are comfortable and happy in a foreign country.


There are two teaching members of staff from Trent College who are involved in teh exchange programme.

Pupil Involvement

10 Trent College Year 9 and Year 10 students.

12 Friesland Year 9 and Year 10 students.

22 visiting students from an external secondary school based in Germany.


Annual event.