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Great Trent Bake-Off

85 Year 5 primary school children from Firfield Primary School and Sawley Junior School visited Trent College to take part in the Great Trent Bake-Off. They came across four mornings and spent their time in our brand new Food and Nutrition department, competing against each other to create gastronomic masterpieces. The children all baked a batch of 12 cupcakes and then using designs they brought with them, decorated the cakes with a 'Royal' or 'World Cup' theme.


The aim of the project was to give the visiting children the opportunity to enhance their curriculum by using our facilities to all bake cakes as a class, while learning about food and nutrition and basic baking skills. They all had fun in a practical and engaging way. 


The opportunity was identified by the Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator, who was able to invite schools that she had a close relationship in, to use our facilities and give their children a different experience to one that is available in their own school.

We have worked closely with Firfield Primary School for many years, but this is the first year that we have developed a relationship with Sawley Junior School.


The Food and Nutrition suite was used for four mornings and staffed by one member of teaching staff and one non-teaching staff. All resources to make and decorate the cakes were provided by Trent College.

The children were given refreshments and lunch at the end, which was provided free of charge.


Quotes from the day:

“They have had a fabulous morning. They absolutely loved it.” Assistant head teacher, Firfield Primary School

“Some of these children will not just remember this next week, they will remember it for years to come.” Deputy head teacher, Sawley Junior School.

“I really enjoyed going to the Bake-Off because I love making cakes and taking on new challenges, like making icing.” Y5 child, Firfield Primary School

“Coming to your Bake-Off inspired me to bake more and I actually baked for my dad on Father’s Day. I followed your recipe by memory and even used some of your icing techniques.” Y5 child, Firfield Primary School

Pupil Involvement

85 external Y5 primary school children attended the event.


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