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Aspiration Assembly

Our Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator visited Pennine Way Junior Academy to run a whole school assembly on aspiration and how children need to dream high and work hard to achieve their goals.


The aim was to celebrate the success of the Y5 team of hockey players that had participated in a hockey tournament held at Trent, while inspiring others to set themselves great goals, whether sporting or otherwise.


The opportunity was identified by the Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator as part of her follow-up work with schools that had attended a hockey tournament at Trent College. This is the first time that we have worked with the school, but we hope that the relationship will now continue.


The only resource was time spent by a non-teaching member of staff.


Verbal feedback was that the assembly was well received by pupils and staff, and hopefully some children will leave with a determination to achieve their own personal goal.

Pupil Involvement

The assembly involved 350 pupils from Pennine Way Junior Academy, from Year 3 to Year 6.


This was a single event, but will be repeated in the future if an opportunity arises.