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Community Service - Field Day

Year 11 and Year 12 students and Trent College teaching staff host an activity morning for various aged children between KS2 and KS4, from external special schools (Brackenfield Special School, The Long Eaton School - SEN department, Fountains High School and Stanton Vale). Trent College pupils buddy up with visiting students and escort them around a carousel of activities, covering art, craft, sport and biology. 


The aim of the project is to give the visiting students a chance to be in a different environment and to mix with other students their same age. Trent College pupils are given the opportunity to be ambassadors for the school and to work collaboratively with them in the carousel of activities.


The project was initiated by our Community Service Co-ordinator, who identified this day as an opportunity for Trent College's Year 11 and 12 students to give something back, alongside the chance to offer our facilities to visiting pupils who may not have had the opportunity to take part in some of these activities before.


Trent College used its classrooms and teaching space to host the event for the morning. There were 10 members of Trent teaching staff, who helped by running activities for our pupils and their visitors. All resources for all the activities were provided free of charge.

The visitors were given refreshments and lunch, with no cost implication for them.


‘Our students also thoroughly enjoyed it! A real success again … Keep us in mind if you organise a future event, as ever.’   Sophie Holdway (Brackenfield)

'Firstly, I wanted to say another BIG thank you for the day, all the students really enjoyed visiting and being part of lessons and most of all working with your young people. We all loved the day- staff and students!

We felt the students you had were really good and just got involved, understandably, it can be unnerving to talk and interact with people when they can not communicate in a traditional way, however they were all keen to be involved and quick to engage to the point I felt redundant (which was a very weird feeling!). Staff who have been in previous years said this was the best year for student interaction, so please do big up your students.
There were more than helpful in ensuring we were fed and watered, knew where we were going, toilets, directions, ensuring we had dinner and what to do when! Your students are a credit to the school.’ Daniel Sampson (Stanton Vale)

‘This is an email long overdue! So sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the invitation to join you on activity day! Our class had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to see them engage in activities with some independence in a different setting.
I also wished to pass a huge thank you on to your students as they contributed a huge amount to the day. The way in which they communicated with our pupils was amazing and it was fantastic for our staff to be able to share how we communicate and then stand back to let your students take a lead.' Mark Turver (Stanton Vale)


Pupil Involvement

50 Year 11 and Year 12 Trent College students.

50 KS3 pupils from external special schools.


Annual event.