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High 5 Netball Tournament

100 Year 5 children from external primary schools visited Trent College to compete in a High 5 Netball tournament. They enjoyed an hour's coaching from our senior netball players, before taking part in a series of short matches against other primary schools. Individual medals were awarded for super shooting, dynamic defending and midcourt magnificence. Schools that attended were Firfield Primary School, Denby Primary School, Bramcote Hills Primary School, Bramcote CofE Primary School, Harrington Junior School, John Clifford Junior School, Trowell Primary School, Aston on Trent Primary School, Redhill Primary School, Grange Primary School and English Martys Voluntary Catholic Academy.


The aim of the tournament was to provide an opportunity for boys and girls from local primary schools to meet and take part in a fun and friendly afternoon of netball. There was an opportunity to develop and learn new skills through the coaching element, but then to work as a team and show determination and quick-thinking in the matches that they played.


The opportunity was identified by the Head of Netball at Trent College and local primary schools were invited by the Primary School Liasion Coordinator.


Trent College netball courts and Sports Hall were used for the whole afternoon, for both the coaching and the netball matches. A number of teaching staff were present to support the senior students and to umpire and run the High 5 netball games. Refreshments were provided for visiting parents and all 100 competitors were given a hot tea at the end of the day. Porters and catering staff supported throughout the day.


Quotes for schools attending:

“Many thanks for continuing to support and encourage inter-school netball tournaments. From my point of view, it’s invaluable.” Y5 teacher, Bramcote CofE Primary School.

“I just wanted to put in writing what a fabulous afternoon the children from John Clifford had yesterday. They thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the afternoon and the hospitality you offered was very kind and generous. All members of staff and children made us feel very welcome.” TA, John Clifford Junior School.

Pupil Involvement

8 Y11 students helped to umpire and score the matches and to hand out 'Well Done' cards to those children that demonstrated a particular skill that was worthy of celebration.

2 Y12 students helped with the refreshments and talking to the visiting parents.

100 Y5 children visited from external primary schools to take part in the tournament.


Annual event.