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Problem Solving Event - Screwball Scramble

45 Year 5 children joined us to take part in a problem solving eveny, where they had to work together as a group to make contraptions, tunnels and catapaults to see how far they can get a ping pong ball to move before it touches the floor. Live demonstrations were the only way to prove your team's success and to take the prize. A fabulous team-building event which is always great fun to watch and do. The schools involved were John Clifford Junior School, Grange Primary School, Harrington Junior School, St Joseph's Prep School, Dovedale Primary Schooland The Elms.


The aim of the project was to bring together gifted and talented children from local primary schools to compete together to problem solve. The children would learn to be resourceful, communicative and to work as a team in order to be successful.


The project was identified as an opportunity to work with gifted and talented children in the local community by one of Trent's maths teachers, who had run an event like this in a previous school and seen how successful it could be.


The event was held at Trent, so involved two teaching members of staff for an afternoon to run and manage it. Hall space was required for the afternoon, along with catering and porter support. Refreshments were provided for all competitors and there was no cost involved.

All physical resources used in the event, such as paper and pingpong balls was provided by Trent College, along with Infographic non-fiction books to take home afterwards.


“The event was great fun. The children all worked well together and it was interesting to see how their ideas evolved.” Deputy Head teacher, Dovedale Primary School.

“Your staff have made it so much fun and energised all the children. They have really enjoyed the competition and had a great time.” Y5 teacher, Grange Primary School.

Pupil Involvement

16 Y8 pupils from Trent College helped with the event by supporting the visiting schools with ideas and resources to ensure their ping pong ball travelled the furthest.

8 Year 5 children from The Elms and 36 Year 5 children from external primary schools visited to take part in the event.


Trent College hold two problem solving events annually.