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Raising Aspiration Workshop

60 Year 6 primary school children visited Trent College to take part in a Raising Aspiration Workshop. They spent time in our new, purpose-built Careers Centre, thinking about the skills that they had and the jobs or careers that they may want to do, before moving to our main school Library where they completed a literary quiz and were guided to explore the books of different genre that we have there.


The purpose of the visit was for the children to leave feeling inspired to be whoever or whatever they wanted to be. Our Careers Officer and Head Librarian pitched their sessions to raise the aspirations of the children visiting and give them the confidence to aim high with their own goals.


The workshop was arranged by our Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator, following a meeting that she had at Harrington Junior School with the Head teacher and Deputy Head teacher. The purpose of the meeting was to identify potential liaison links and opportunities for children at Harrington Junior School to visit Trent College and use it's facilities and resource.


The children spent all morning at Trent College, in both the Careers Centre and Devonshire Library. Non-teaching staff were involved in leading the sessions with the Careers Officer and Head of Library Services. The children were given refreshments and ther was no cost involved.


Verbal feedback was received from the deputy headteacher, who said that the visit had been perfect. She felt it was a wonderful opportunity for the children to spend time in a library of the size it is at Trent and thought the children were all excited now about the jobs they may do in the future.

Pupil Involvement

60 Year 6 children from an external primary school were involved.


This is an annual event.