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Volunteering on the St Anns Allotments

Volunteers play a valuable and important role on the St Anns Allotments and are vital in supporting the work of STAA and the various community groups on site.

The Community Action Group at Nottingham High School provide regular support for this site local to School, on a termly basis, during our regular Activity Days.


The aims of the project work with St Anns Allotments are:

  • To preserve the historic allotment gardens in St Anns, Nottingham
  • To promote and support allotment gardening in general
  • To encourage the regeneration of the St Ann’s area of Nottingham
  • To conserve and enhance the natural environment of the gardens


The St Anns Allotments, Nottingham, is a very special and unique allotment site. It is the oldest and largest area of Victorian detached town gardens in the world and has recently been listed with a Grade 2* by English Heritage. The site covers 75 acres and sits in the heart of the one of the most deprived inner-city communities in the country.

Nottingham High School Community Action Group identified the project, which is local to our School, as one which was very worthy of support. This support has been provided on a termly basis for many years.


The key resources are volunteers and time.  Our Community Action group provides the volunteers, using our termly Activities Days as opportunities to spend time working hard to support the project.

The work is supported by school staff and volunteer staff from STAA.  Groups of 15-20 pupils, accompanied by 2 staff, will visit for a full day each term.

Our Community Action Group have also made donations of gardening and building tools to further support the work at this unique project.