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Royal Institution Year 9 Maths Masterclasses (Nottinghamshire)

Royal Institution Year 9 Maths Masterclasses (Nottinghamshire) Hosting a Maths Tournament for local schools Year 9 pupils.

We're hoping to run a Primary Maths series in the summer, which will be lead by year 12 students with teacher support.


To encourage students to continue studying Maths and to showcase the range of careers it opens up; to enable students to meet other students who also enjoy the subject.


School approached the Royal Institution, knowing they didn't have a series for Nottinghamshire and Head of Careers had previous experience setting up the Derbyshire Masterclasses in year 9 Maths, year 9 Computer Science and Primary Maths.


A lecture hall and willing members of staff to give up time on Saturday mornings to help!  Each session is 2.5 hours long and we run a series of 6 masterclasses.  It's all based on volunteering/outreach budgets from participating firms; some speakers are parents, others are friends.  I have paid for small thankyou gifts for the speakers from the Careers budget.

£100 for gifts (as stated above).


Once the series is complete (the final session was postponed due to COVID) I will seek feedback from all the pupils and nominating teachers.  Informal feedback has been sought after each session, with comments posted on twitter etc.

Pupil Involvement

The Royal Institute ask nominations to be from a 50/50 split if possible; we had a number of different schools competing.


Hopefully it will run each year.