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Nottingham NSPCC Centre Easter Eggs Project

Nottingham High School Community Action Group have developed a partnership with the Nottingham NSPCC centre, situated within a mile of our School.

In looking to find ways in which we, as a School, could support young people in our community the Easter Eggs donation coordinated by our Community Action Group has been a project which produced an almost overwhelming response.

With members of Community Action able to take the bags full Easter Eggs over to the NSPCC centre in April hopefully a positive difference was made for some children and young people in our local community with the greatest need.


Having been welcomed in to the Nottingham centre of the NSPCC to tour the facility and discover more about the incredibly valuable work carried out by the charity, staff and students at the High School were keen to discover ways in which they could provide practical support.

A request was made to all members of our school community for donations of easter eggs suitable to donate as presents for children and young people with whom the NSPCC Nottingham centre work.

The response was tremendous, allowing our Community Action Group to prepare a large number of giant bags full of easter eggs.


Feedback from the staff at the NSPCC centre was incredibly positive as they were able to distribute the eggs to those who would really appreciate them.

The students and pupils involved in Community Action, especially those who were able to deliver the eggs to the centre, were able to to gain some insight into just how much this project would mean to some young people in Nottingham.