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Football Festivals

Our Football Festivals gives the opportunity for local state primary schools to test their footballing ability against each other in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 


To provide a balanced atmosphere in which local young footballers can enjoy the fun and challenge of a sporting competition.

For children that are playing and enjoying football at their own school, there is a need to extend this by offering the opportunity to play against other local teams, at our Valley Road Playing Fields which is equipped to host large groups.

For the event to be a success, we needed a full roster of teams, from a range of schools across the Nottingham area.

14 schools attended the event, and both students and staff were exposed to a large-scale competitive sporting event.


Nottingham High Infant and Junior School hosts an annual programme of sports competitions for local primary schools, which include netball, football, Kwik Cricket, tag rugby and cross-country. Part of the schools’ ethos is to share its sporting facilities and sporting opportunities with other schools in the local community.

The school’s Football Festivals have been running for 5 years, led by Head of Infant and Junior School Sport.


For this project to succeed, we needed free access to the school’s Valley Road Playing fields, and 2 members of teaching staff from our Infant and Junior School to manage the tournament itself.

The schools’ Head of Admissions and Partnership oversaw the invitation and booking process.

The grounds staff at Valley Road prepared and maintained the playing fields, to be in tip-top condition for the tournaments.

Our catering staff provided refreshments free of charge for visiting children and school staff.

The event itself ran for 2 hours, with approximately 2 days of preparation time.


"Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was great to see them play competitive sport but in a friendly environment and allow all abilities to participate." Teacher, Our Lady and St Edward Primary & Nursery School 

"The High School events are always extremely well organised. The children thoroughly enjoy taking part in a fun, competitive environment. We look forward to taking part in many more events." Teacher, Jacksdale Primary School

After each event, visiting teachers complete a survey to summarise what their pupils learned and enjoyed about the activity, along with any suggestions for improvement.

Children return to their own schools with a positive experience of participating in a sports tournament, and learning to manage friendly competition.

Pupil Involvement

162 girls and boys aged 8-11 from 14 local state primary schools, and 16 members of staff.


The Football Festivals run annually.