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Djanogly Academy Sociology Classes

Nottingham High School hosted a Sociology GCSE group from Djanogly Acadamy to share ideas to assist with GCSE projects undertaken by the Djanogly Acadamy pupils about independent and state school education.

The pupils and staff were welcomed into Nottingham High School, touring the School and given time and opportunity to explore similarities and differences between approaches to education.


The aim is to assist colleagues and pupils at Djanogly Academy in their delivery of GCSE Sociology and to welcome groups into Nottingham High School, providing an opportunity for pupils at a local school such as Djanogly to understand how we learn, teach and work at the High School.


The Year 10 Sociology group from Djanogly were able to complete valuable research, evaluative and reflective work during and after the collaboration.

Feedback from colleagues at Djanogly School was incredibly positive:

" Just wanted to thank you so much for our visit to the Nottingham High School last week. The students found the experience really eye-opening, and we have had some really good discussions following up on the trip. They also completed a reflection homework and I have read some very detailed answers, reflecting a range of opinions. I cannot thank you enough."