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One teacher from Francis Holland School is the Chairman of the Friends of Chelsea Children's Hospital School

A long-serving colleague from Francis Holland is the Chairman of this charity which raises money to support the good work of the Chelsea Children's Hospital School.


Chelsea Community Hospital School is a 'community special school', providing education for children and young people aged 4 to 18 while they are in hospital. They provide school places for a number of students who cannot access mainstream school due to their medical conditions. They aim to ensure that children and young people have their rights to education preserved when they are in hospital. Fund-raising is essential to the work that they are able to do.


The teacher from Francis Holland School has a long association with CCHS and has been serving as Chairman of the Friends for a number of years already.




For the children who learn at CCHS the impact of thework is qualitative. The extra funds provide resources which would not otherwise be available to the children.

Pupil Involvement



There are meetings every term.