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Francis Holland School shares guest speakers with St Marylebone CofE School

Francis Holland School runs a speaker programme throughout the year. Of particular interest is the "Women of Influence" lecture series which runs in assemblies in the Spring Term and the "focus fortnight" in the Autumn Term. Pupils and teacher from St Marylebone are always invited to attend.

Events have included:

Girls from St Marylebone attended a fascinating symposium on the topic female engagement with an entrepreneurial spirit. This was as part of "Entrepreneurship Fortnight".

A small group of St Marylebone girls joined the assembly to hear HRH the Princess of Jordan speak about being a Muslim woman in Britain.

The symposium entitled "The Workplace of the Future" was well-attended by girls from both schools and also some parents.


Often the speakers invited are motivated by the opportunity to speak to girls in particular and they sometimes have a message of empowerment, resilience or motivation for their audience. These talks are as appropriate to the girls from St Marylebone as they are to the girls of Francis Holland; we are good neighbours to each other and we share opportunities like this.


The Headmaster at Francis Holland is an acquaintance of the Headteacher at St Marylebone and from this personal relationship have arisen benefits to the pupils in the two schools. 





There is a qualitative impact to this collaboration. It is very difficult to measure, but through these shared experiences, pupils at both schools are becoming acquainted and building relationships.