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Summer Camp for disadvantaged children through Westminster City Council

The Summer Camp project has been running since 2007. Each year around a dozen Sixth Formers and staff from Francis Holland School offer a one-week holiday to children who are in care or who are looked-after. These children are recommended for the summer camp by thier social workers through Westminster City Council Children's Services Department. The Summer Camp takes place at the Sayers Croft outdoor education centre in Surrey.


The link has been established for over a decade and during this time in excess of 100 children have participated. The need is highlighted by Westminster City Council - for these children a summer holiday outside of London is not likely and the scheme provides a much-needed break.


The partnership is well-established and is led by a teacher at Francis Holland School. 


The Parents' Association at Francis Holland School offers £3,000 each year to subsidise the Summer Camp. This means that the looked-after children can take part at no charge. The Sixth Formers who participate as young leaders each pay around £100 and the staff offer their time at no cost.


There is enormous qualitative impact for the participants on both sides. For the children who go on holiday with Francis Holland staff this week away could well be their only trip outside of London and their only experience of the countryside. For the Sixth Formers it is wonderful for them to develop leadership skills and to meet with children from other walks of life.

Pupil Involvement

From Francis Holland this is all girls aged 16 to 18. Approximately 12 per year.

From Westminster City Council Children's Services Department it is also about 12 per year and they are aged 8 to 14.


Annually in July.