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Sixth Form collaborations with All Saints' Catholic College

The headteacher from All Saints' Catholic College and the headteacher from Francis Holland School have met and agreed that pupils from ASCC will be encouraged to apply for places at the FHS Sixth Form. In order to support transition, the Head of Sixth Form at FHS is in touch with the Head of Year 11 at ASCC. The usual registration fee of £150 is waived for candidates from this partner school and bursary places are made available to strong candidates.


All Saints' Catholic College is an 11-16 school which is looking for academic Sixth Form places for some of its most able pupils. The two headteachers have met and have agreed to open up a pathway for pupils to transfer from this maintained school to Francis Holland after their GCSEs. 

A transformational bursary to the Sixth Form benefits the recipient throughout her life and for future generations too. 


The project arose out of conversations at headteacher level between the two schools. It is provoking other genuine partnerships whcih are mutually-beneficial, such as comparisons of data use and pupil tracking.


The initial input of resources has been time for meetings of key managers across the two schools. The second form of resourcing is that the usual registration fee of £150 is waived for each applicant from All Saints' Catholic College. The third aspect is full-fee bursaries to the value of £45,000 are offered to successful candidates for their time in the Sixth Form.


There is enormous benefit for pupils to attend the Francis Holland School Sixth Form. The value of the bursary is beyond the reach of many families and the intention of this partnership is to offer transformational impact to the lives of individuals and to their families.

Pupil Involvement

This project involves around 6 to 10 pupils in Year 11 at All Saints' Catholic College.


The first link is for applications in October 2019. The project will run for three years, at least.