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Shared Sixth Form lectures with Ark King Solomon's Academy

Sixth Formers from the Ark King Solomon Academy are invited to come to Francis Holland School each week to share the guest speaker programme which we run. The timings fit well, because our lectures begin at 3.30pm and their school finishes at 3.00pm and so there is time to walk from one centre to the other.


The aim is to enable pupils from the two schools to mix and to get to know eachother. This is a mutually beneficial relationship since the two schools are neighbours, but exist in different social spheres. The lecture programme is also expensive since many of the guests have to be paid. This sharing if offered at no charge to the Ark King Solomon Academy.


The two headteachers met and identified opportunities for joint working. This initial meeting took place in December 2018 and joint working began in March 2019.


The lecture programme runs at Francis Holland, Regent's Park. It is funded by the same school.It runs for one hour each week.


There is a quatitative gain for both schools since nearly 200 Sixth Formers are involved in all. The real value is in the relationships which can be built between the two schools and the two sets of students.

Pupil Involvement

Girls from Francis Holland and girls and boys from Ark King Solomon. Pupils are aged 16 to 18.


Ongoing, once a week.