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Four teachers from Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park, teach Latin to six year groups at St Marylebone School

Francis Holland School has built a very good and supportive relationship with St Marylebone School in the field of Latin. Girls who followed a Year 8 course with us achieved their Latin GCSE in the summer.

We now teach Latin from Year 8 all the way to Year 13, for a total of six hours a week (two hours a week to Years 10 and 11). St Marylebone students also attend our annual Classics Symposium at St Cyprian’s Church, amongst over 100 students from state and independent schools all over London and the South East.

Over 60 St Marylebone pupils will be taught Latin by FHS teachers in the 2023-24 academic year.


To offer Latin to pupils who would not otherwise be able to learn it - the Latin teachers' positions have been lost at St Marylebone.


The Headmaster from Francis Holland and the Headmistress from St Marylebone know each other well and are keen to work together for the success of girls across both schools.


Francis Holland School offers teaching time, marking time and preparation time towards this project.


The impact is quantitative to the tune of over 60 pupils at St Marylebone. It is also qualitative since the outcome is academically quite evident. 10 girls from St Marylebone sat their GCSE Latin in the summer of 2022, 5 of whom achieved grades 8 and 9. A similar number of girls sat their GCSE in summer 2023.

Pupil Involvement

60 pupils in total from Years 8 to 13.