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Francis Holland is the lead school in a German language partnership of six state and independent schools

With help and advice from the Goethe Institut, Francis Holland School has established a successful network of six schools which collaborate to promote a love of German. There have been a series of meetings of teachers and we hosted a networking event for GCSE pupils in 2017.


The purpose of this partnership is to promote a love of the German language and a growing understanding of German culture. The exciting networking event was designed to be enjoyable as well as acdemically challenging.


The partnership is led by the Head of German at Francis Holland School. She has built a network of six schools across and established an online network of support as well as hosting the major event on a Saturday.


The school has provided catering, teacher time, its facilities and IT technician support.


There is a qualitative outcome for this project - German is a language which is thriving at Francis Holland School, but struggling nationally and in need of support. The impact can be measured in individuals who continue to study and enjoy German.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils who attended the partnership networking day in 2017 were in Year 10.


The networking partnership day is planned to be repeated in the Spring Term of 2019. Meetings of the teachers and online support for eachother is ongoing.