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Pupils and parents from Francis Holland School offer time and money to support Swiss Cottage School

There is a long-established link between Francis Holland School and Swiss Cottage School which is a school for children with profound learning needs. Pupils in Year 10 hold an annual fund-raising event for Swiss Cottage and also visit the school every year in the Spring Term. Parents from Francis Holland are also actively engaged in fund-raising for Swiss Cottage and have also visited the school. Sixth Formers from Francis Holland volunteer at Swiss Cottage weekly.


The purpose of this partnership is to provide financial assistance and also to offer time and support to children who are less privileged. Sometimes the children at Swiss Cottage School have little contact with other young people and our girls are glad to offer them attention and support. The monies raised for Swiss Cottage typically total some £5,000 to £10,000 each year.


This project has been running for at least a decade. The principal of Swiss Cottage School has visited Francis Holland and the Deputy Heads have led assemblies here at Francis Holland on multiple occasions. Our pupils have been volunteering at Swiss Cottage for years.


Teaching staff lead visits for girls in Year 10 and encourage them to raise money. This gives the girls confidence to offer their time as volunteers when they are in the Sixth Form. A teacher from Francis Holland oversees volunteering.


The impact is qualitative. Extra resourcing for the pupils from Swiss Cottage is possible through the financial gifts and extra time and attention is always welcomed by the staff at Swiss Cottage who are sometimes stretched thinly.

Pupil Involvement

Year 10 - 80 girls from Francis Holland School

Year 12 - 5 girls from Francis Holland School

Children from across the age ranges at Swiss Cottage School are involved.


Annually and weekly, as above.