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Photography Club at Ark King Solomon's Academy

This is an unusual project which Francis Holland School is supporting through the Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation. Parents at our school have paid for an after-school photography club which is being run by this outside charity. In return, the Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation offers a photography club at no charge to a school in the maintained sector - Ark King Solomon's.


The proposal came to Francis Holland through a parent who is a trustee of the Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation. School staff quickly adopted the idea and it was launched here at Francis Holland within a month. The reciprocal arrangement with Ark King Solomon's was offered two weeks later and began shortly thereafter.


The Headmaster from Francis Holland and the Principal from Ark King Solomon's met in December 2018 to begin a joint working relationship. These two schools are within walking distance and are of a similar size. A partnership across several areas is mutually beneficial.


Money - in this case from private subscriptions from parents at Francis Holland School, Regent's Park. All of the equipment for use at both schools is provided by the Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation.


There is a quantitative and a qualitative impact. Across two schools there are now 20 extra pupils who are learning photographic skills which relate to a key creative industry and could potentially spark an enthusiasm and a career opporunity. What is more the pupils are having fun and enjoying the project. There are ambitious plans for a joint exhibition in the future.

Pupil Involvement

Years 9 and 10 in both schools. 20 pupils in all.


Weekly for ten weeks. To be repeated if successful.