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World Book Day Joint Appeal

Together with St Martin's Gardens Primary School, we launched a joint appeal to purchase books from a Wishlist for the St Martin's Gardens library.


To work together to give children in our local area access to new books to inspire a love of reading.


This initiative came about as a result of the growing partnership relationship that we have as neighbouring schools.

The Headteacher of St Martin's Garden Primary school spoke to our year 12 students today about the work she has been doing since the Pandemic began.

Last year, as part of Monkton's Community Service programme, a team of current year 13 students spent their Wednesday afternoons at St Martin's Garden School helping to clear out old reference books from the library, clearing the art and music cupboards and throwing away broken equipment. The vast majority of books had to be removed because they were too old, leaving the library shelves looking very empty. St Martin's have been fund-raising for new books and our year 12 students will shortly be coordinating donations of their own used reading books to give to the pupils.



47 books have been purchased for the school so far. We also have developed a connection between the Monkton librarian and the school and have plans, Covid allowing, for Monkton pupils to return to a regular reading slot with the children at St Martin's. 


47 books purchased and many more donated.


Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 3 - 18 were involved in the appeal and the children who received the books are primary school age.


This was a single event, but it fits into our overall shared vision of working together to give pupils ever improving access to books and to reading. It led to an inspiring session for our pupils, delivered by the Head of St Martin's Garden and a growing sense of the two schools working together for change.