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Libby Burgess Bach 48 Project

Monkton hosted a range of local schools to join us in hearing Libby Burgess play a selection of Preludes & Fugues from Book 1 of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. Each session was broken up with some insights into the Baroque style and contrapuntal techniques for the benefit of GCSE and A level students in particular.  This is part of a much wider project which sees her playing the entire ‘48’ in all 48 English counties this year! 


The focus of this event was to bring together a wide range of young people and staff to appreciate a live performance of Bach by a world class pianist, as well as to facilitate learning.

145 pupils from other schools, alongside over 60 Monkton pupils attended a session over the day, along with a number of staff who also benefited.


This was an initiative pursued by the Monkton Director of Music who identified the opportunity and organised the event.


The event was held at Monkton and organised by Monkton staff. 


Over 200 pupils from 11 schools, along with a good number of staff were able to experience a world class pianist playing a Bach live.

Pupil Involvement

Senior School pupils from 10 additional schools - a total of 145 pupils attended from other schools, and 61 from Monkton.


This was a one-off event, but a great success and something we would look to repeat in future.