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Freshford & Monkton Joint Projects Initiative

This is a growing partnership, initially focused around a bi-annual Shakespeare production, the Freshford go-karting club and a shared transport arrangement.


 To develop a strong and growing relationship between the two schools so as to benefit pupils and staff in both schools through shared experiences, ideas, skills and projects. 

To support Freshford School with transport.

Critical factors for success:

1. A clear arrangement is agreed between both schools regarding the practicalities of booking minibuses and Freshford are able to make use of this resource in a way that enables more pupils to access trips without having to pay transport costs
2. Freshford are able to hold their bi-annual Shakespeare production at Monkton. An additional success factor would be a joint musical collaboration to accompany the performance.
3. Freshford go-karting club undertake regular training on the Monkton site and can safely store their karts in the school when not in use. Additional success factors would include Monkton students having the opportunity to support this club/ participate as marshalls or technical assistants as part of their DofE service/ general service option.
4. Key subject leads from both schools are in touch with their partner in the other school and there is evidence of idea sharing/ mutual support over time. This would be facilitated most effectively by appointing a lead link person in each school to manage the relationship and generate new projects.
5. Monkton is able to open some CPD options to Freshford Staff (e.g. coaching courses) and this is reciprocal where opportunities arise.


Director of Partnerships' priority to develop stronger relationships.

Monkton’s sponsorship of a new motor for the go-karting team in June 2019.


 1. Minibuses - and training for an agreed number of Freshford staff so they can be added to the insurance and take the minibuses out.
2. Access to key venues for events
3. A storage space for the go-karts
4. Key teaching staff willing to engage with each other - this will be on an ongoing basis and will vary as projects develop.

Minimal financial contributions: sponsorship of the Freshford Go-Kart and Freshford contributions for fuel when using Monkton minbuses for school trips.


Assessment includes: 

1. A record of the number of Freshford trips made with Monkton minibuses and financial savings made over a year
2. Numbers of students enabled to attend schools trips at a reduced cost from Freshford
3. Feedback from Shakespeare events (qualitative, as well as numbers attending etc.)
4. Staff report positively on exchanges/ collaborations leading to improved outcomes for pupils
5. Record of site visits to Monkton (nature walks/ outdoor ed opportunities, workshops, philosothons)

Anticipated outcomes:

1. Freshford transport costs are significantly reduced
2. Freshford pupils who are financially disadvantaged can attend trips due to reduction in costs
3. Freshford pupils and parents are familiar with Monkton - improved perceptions and stronger links are formed
4. Staff from both schools are supported and challenged to deliver specific topics/ curriculum areas differently by collaborating and sharing ideas

Pupil Involvement

This will grow as projects develop.

Currently an estimate of 80 pupils involved in the Shakespeare project and a further 20 in the go-karting club. Further opportunities are currently being explored.

We estimate that 120 pupils will benefit from the use of the Monkton minibuses each year.


This is an ongoing partnership that we will seek to develop over the long term. 

1. Minibus use - ongoing. Bookings tbc.
2. Shakespeare - 3 performances over 3 days (?) annually and ongoing
3. Go-karting - weekly for second half of academic year and storage of the karts 
4. Skills share/ staff collaborations - ongoing & ad hoc