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Combe Down and Monkton Leadership Partnership

Monkton and Combe Down Primary School benefit from a close working relationship for the mutual benefit of both schools. 

This case study covers the work of two of Monkon's Senior Leadership Team members serving as Governors for Combe Down Primary, providing support and leadership on safeguarding, assessment and performance management.


The aim of this partnership is to develop strong relationships between the two schools, sharing relevant experience and skills for the benefit of the Combe Down Primary School pupils.

The two Monkton governors meet the need for strong leadership on safeguarding, performance management, resourcing and assessment. Critical factors for the ongoing success of this partnership are that they are afforded adequate time to commit to these roles.


These individuals were selected because of the skills and experience they bring to the roles. The opportunity was identified by both parties.


The key resource is time.


Quantitative impact: as seen through contributions to the developing work of the school and its inspection reports.

Qualitative impact: identifiable through the strong relationship, the effective communication between both schools, the ability to engage on joint projects and for Monkton to support with specific initiatives as they arise because there is a natural link.


This is an ongoing partnership, based on the contribution of these individual staff members and the developing relationship between the two schools.