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Bath Comm-Connect

This initiative, founded by the partnerships lead at Ralph Allen School, is about working with a wide network of partners across the city to support children and young people as they emerge from the pandemic. 


This initiative aims to meet the very specific and complex needs of children and young people emerging from a disrupted 18 months of Covid. It is about working together to form a community of communities in order to support and equip the children in our care, and to promote wellbeing. 


The need for this kind of an initiative was identified by the partnerships lead at Ralph Allen School and we began working and planning with him in May 2021.


The partnership is very ambitious and far-reaching. Critical to its success is the support and action of each partner organisation and also the underpinning administrative support required to facilitate good communication and clear action.

This is an emerging partnership so it is not yet clear what the commitment will be financially and in terms of staffing.


This will be an ongoing and developing partnership, looking to have an impact over two years.