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Voices for Life Choir

Through positive links with Bath Abbey and the Voices for Life initiative, Monkton hosted the first joint rehearsal for all the pupils involved in this project.


To support and facilitate the Voices for Life aims in bringing together children to sing and perform, to build confidence and community.


The partnership was identified by the Director of Music at Monkton through his positive links with the co-founder of Voices for Life.


School facilities were needed, transport accommodated and two Monkton staff were allocated to making the rehearsal a success.


250 children from 7 different school choirs as well as Bath Abbey's own children's choir were brought together to rehearse in one space for the first time.

Pupil Involvement

All of the 250 pupils involved were primary aged.


This was a single event, but we hope to develop the partnership relationship and enable this kind of event again in the future.