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St Martin's Garden Primary School Swimming Trips

This summer we have worked with staff from St Martin's Gardens to organise two swimming trips to enable them to achieve their National Curriculum requirements for years 5 & 6 with swimming 25 lengths and the safe self-rescue session.

As our partnership relationship with St Martin's is growing, and we have been limited in what we can do together over the past year due to Covid, we offered two coached sessions for 35 children, with lifeguards, and transport free of charge in order to make this plan possible.


The aim of this partnership project was to support St Martin's Garden in achieving their National Curriculum swimming requirements for the children in years 5 & 6. This is a really specific need that has been identified and which Monkton can help with. 


The opportunity was identified by staff at St Martin's as a result of ongoing conversations about how our two schools can best work together. This is just one of a number of ways that we are seeking to build a sustainable and positive partnership relationship between our schools for the benefit of all the children and young people involved. We had planned to do this last year in the summer term but due to Covid it was delayed to July this year.


The Monkton swimming pool, teachers and life guards were all critical to the success of this plan. We also booked external coaches to transport the children. Monkton covered all the costs of this event.


Feedback from the St Martin's supervising staff member was: "The trip went very well thank you. We were made to feel welcome and the staff complimented the children on their manners and behaviour. They all had a great time and 8 of them did the 25m, another couple will try again today. The coaches were very helpful and even our least confident swimmers really tried their best."




Pupil Involvement

35 children, aged 10 & 11, took part on two consecutive days.


This took place on 6th and 7th July 2021 and was a successful opportunity. We are open to making this an annual arrangement for as long as it benefits the children at St Martin's and provides the kind of impact that the team there are hoping for.