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Leadership, Outdoor Education & Community Work with Three Ways School

This partnership is an opportunity for Monkton pupils to help children less fortunate than themselves in their schooling. We will be organising activities and leading games for everyone to be involved in. It will help teach Monkton children many valuable lessons and also show them how privileged they are in so many ways.


- To give Monkton pupils the experience of helping others,
- To create learning opportunities for both sets of children, 
- To use the resources at Monkton to welcome Three Ways pupils in and experience another school environment.
- For Monkton and Three Ways pupils to develop their social skills, being able to adapt to different scenarios and situations.
- To help Monkton and Three Ways pupils learn in ways that they didn't think they could. To be able to use the experiences and skills they learn and build on for their future.


Monkton Prep School Sports kit (Balls, cones, hoops..etc) 
At Monkton, Prep School Tipi

Pupil Involvement

Pupils in Years 7/8 who take part 'Leadership, Outdoor Education and Community work' will have the opportunity to visit Three Ways twice in the term. 


One visit either side of half term, the visit lasts around one hour.