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SKIPS Community Project

Educational booklets with literacy games and quizzes given to local primary schools with the support of student volunteers.


The SKIPs booklet is provided free of charge to primary school students to enable a greater sharing and development of education at home to ensure collaboration between parents, carers or guardians and the schools. We hope this fun and engaging booklet will help enhance the connection between home and school.


An exciting new project established in 2015, the SKIPS programme was set up by a parent who wrote the material to help support her own daughter. SKIPS is a social enterprise whose sole purpose is to raise children’s attainment through imaginative books to engage the parents and family.


Imaginative booklets focusing on developing literacy skills at home provided free of charge to partnership schools. Our sixth form students volunteering in local primary schools have provided the first set of booklets to students and help to engage students and parents with the materials.


“A really innovative way to engage young learners, striking the right balance between work and play. My daughter takes the books with her everywhere she goes. Suddenly revision is no longer a chore. I’d recommend this series of books to anyone who wants to encourage their youngsters to increase their out of hours learning. A real opportunity to make progress outside of the classroom.”

Pupil Involvement

KS2 pupils in Camden primary schools, supported by volunteer Sixth form pupils each week.


Weekly support in schools.