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LAE Leadership and Departmental Support

The aim of this ongoing partnership is to provide opportunities for staff professional development, positive enforcement in the public domain of the value of an education and opportunities for institutional developments through collaboration.


It is hoped that this collaboration helps in the development of wider social and cultural skills and understanding to develop models of collaboration between schools and higher education.


An exciting new project established in 2015, the London Academy of Excellence was established by the headteacher’s of each school in collaboration with a number of other schools including Eaton. Members of the History and Chemistry Departments at UCS have worked with staff at LAE since 2014.


UCS provide subject support in academic departments including mentoring departments such as History and Chemistry to share visits, resources and ideas in key subjects.

The UCS Sixth Form staff have run programmes for KS5 students including a full day programme of lesson shadowing, speakers and talks for both academic and pastoral enrichment.

On a leadership level, London Academy of Excellence has invited the Headmaster of UCS to serve on their governing body. These relationships create significant opportunities to share ideas at a strategic level.


A programme of interactive activities is envisaged with Year 12/13 students sharing experiences and competing in academic and non-academic activities on this ongoing programme.

Pupil Involvement

UCS Sixth Form Students and Staff with KS5 pupils at LAE, Departmental and governance support.


As required throughout the year.