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New End School Partnership

Weekly academic partnership of Sixth Form volunteers in lessons.  


The aim of our primary school partnerships is to enable primary school students and staff to access the benefits of our facilities and academic support through volunteer work with our older students. This enables academic support for clubs, lessons and specific subject focuses tailored to the individual school needs.


As part of their Friday afternoon activities, sixth form pupils provide assistance with literacy and math skills.  Currently twenty three of our Year 12 boys and girls help in local primary schools on Friday afternoons. In some cases they help specifically with Maths and Literacy. They also have access to our playing fields located in West Hampstead on request and we are pleased to make the UCS Lund Theatre available to local schools and charities to host drama productions. 


Coordinating staff members and links within schools, Sixth Form Volunteers as part of community action projects.


The schools have commented on the positive effect of older role models for the children. They have been particularly pleased to have male volunteers as some primary schools have few male teachers. The schools have singled out help with Maths as particularly effective.

Pupil Involvement

KS1/2 pupils supported by volunteer Sixth form pupils each week.


Every Friday afternoon.