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Hands of Hope Romania

Overseas partnership with a charity in Romania.


The aims of this ongoing partnership are to support the charities aim to improve the health, happiness and prospects of the economically deprived community. The charity works with children who have been denied a childhood due to issues such as domestic violence and alcoholism in their families, and allows them to have an enjoyable summer free from cultural stigmatism and access to education.


Established by UCS staff in 2004, students work directly with the charity organisation to visit the Romanian children through facilitated communication links at UCS. We support the charity financially, and by working with the children themselves.


Students apply through a school based application process for the limited places on the scheme, and UCS facilitates the link with the charity project.


We raise over £4500 per year for the charity. The children we work with come from families where domestic violence is common. It is rare that families have enough food.  Much of the time with the children is spent on activities such as playing games and face painting in order to give them some childhood back.

Pupil Involvement

15-20 students from year 12 and 3-5 students from year 13 who apply each year.


UCS run two trips to Romania in July and August each year.