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Highgate Summer School at UCS

Every summer, UCS and Highgate School organise and provide facilities for two summer schools for children from selected Camden and Harringey. In the academic school, pupils take lessons in subjects such as Music, DT, Languages and Science and in the sport school, pupils get the opportunity to learn new skills and sports using the sports facilities at the two schools. In the summer of 2019, 195 children attended the summer schools held at UCS.


To provide an outstanding summer school for students in the local area to focus on specialist subjects in outstanding facilities.

To allow children from local schools to use the facilities and expertise on offer at UCS and Highgate.


Each summer, UCS and Highgate School hold a joint summer school for children (Year 4 & 5) from schools in Camden and Haringey.  The schools are selected by each council on a rotating basis and pupils take part in Music, Art, DT, Language and Science activities.  The location alternates between UCS and Highgate.  We welcomed one hundred and ninety-five children from primary schools in Haringey and Camden. Both Summer Schools were run and taught by teachers from UCS.


Coordinating staff members and links within schools, Sixth Form Volunteers as part of community action projects.

The swimming pools and gyms of both schools were used plus sports hall and pitches for a range of activities across three days.


Schools parents and children have given 100% positive feedback about the Summer Schools. They praise the opportunity to learn at a faster pace and to use the facilities in Science and Technology. Children have commented that they “Created airplanes and got to see them fly” and revealed the opportunities offered by Science labs lamenting that they “Never blow things up” at their schools. One child called the experience “Inspiring” and all said they would recommend it to a friend.

Feedback from the children included enjoying the opportunity to swim, learning to run on a treadmill; promoting healthy participation in sports.


Every summer for 2-3 days.