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Volunteering for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT)

Two of our Maths teachers are involved in writing questions for, setting and marking the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (MOG),

They also volunteer for the British Mathematical Olympiad and are involved in British Mathematical Olympiad marking weekend. 

One of our teachers has written proposals for the BMO competition, the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad (IMOK)and the Junior Mathematical Olympiad (JMO).

One of our teachers is one of ten leaders at the UKMT National Summer School in Leeds. This was a week-long residential for exceptional mathematics students aged 14 to 16, selected by UKMT. The week involved many mathematics lectures and problem solving sessions written by and given by the leaders. The majority of the 50 students who attend are from state schools around the UK. 

One of our teachers is responsible for running several of the regional heats of the Team Mathematics Challenge (TMC), which involves a day of problem solving for up to 25 schools from the local area, one of which will qualify for a national final in London. 



To enhance our mathematics provision and opportunities available to our students and to engage with many other mathematicians including university students, professors and teachers to discuss the teaching and learning of mathematics. 


Volunteering by Maynard staff.


Two staff members, venues for events.


Assessing the provision of maths teaching and opportunities avaialble to our students. Modifying teaching based on attending events and in the process of developing a mentoring program to enable our own students to improve their performance in these competitions. 

Pupil Involvement

Mathematics students in years 7 - 13.