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Mock Trial - Law careers event

Mock Trial run by the Exeter University Bracton Law Pro Bono Group.


To inspire girls to enter Law as a profession, to be more knowledgeable of the laws of the land/ important rights & laws that affect us all - and how the court system operates. 

To strengthen our ties with the local schools.


Exeter University Bracton Law came into school last year to give a series of lunchtime presentations on Law (Human rights, cybercrime, criminal law, careers options…) They are coming in again this January to run some similar sessions. We did a mock trial last year with just our students attending. It was enjoyed by all, so we thought we would extend it out to other schools too this year.


Maynard Main School Hall, 2 Maynard staff, 15 Law students, refreshments


Understanding of the workings of a court, develop their ability to formulate an argument, appreciation of whether the career might be for them.  

Pupil Involvement

Year 10 students and above from maynard and local state secondary schools. 


Ongoing, yearly