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Sports leaders

Our Year 11 Sports Leaders run multi-sport sessions for Year 2 pupils from the local primary school for a term.


To develop students’ leadership skills and event management; to develop links within the community 



Sports Leaders is a nationally recognised qualification whereby students develop their sport leadership skills and teach 10 hrs of sport to other students.


Our Year 11 sports scholars and talented sportswomen give their time to teach PE and sports skills. We use our outdoor courts and sports halls to host the events, sports equipment and one PE teacher to oversee. 


This provides a qualification in Sports Leadership to our Year 11 girls and specialist teaching to pupils from the primary school. We gain feedback to assess.

Pupil Involvement

Year 11 pupils (female) from The Maynard school teach Year 2 pupils (male and female) from local primary schools. 


10x1-hour sessions Jan- March teaching year 2s

Organisation and management of a sporting event takes place in May by Maynard Year 11 students.