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Primary Maths Team Challenge

The Maynard hosts the Primary Maths Challenge each June with teams from local primary schools taking part in a variety of activities and problem-solving tasks. 


To build relationships with local primary schools and to help links with the local community by sharing our resources and specialist teaching. Could be a part of a gifted and talented programme.


The Maths department at The Maynard initiated this project as a way to engage with the community and a resource to provide to our own students. This has been taking place for over 5 years. 


We use our school gym as an area to host over 100 children and our specialist maths teachers host the event. It lasts a full day. No financial contribution required.


Schools are contacted for feedback following the event. We hope to build a relationship with schools through the event

Pupil Involvement

Primary school pupils in Year 5 from The Maynard and local primary schools. 

girls and boys


Yearly project